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Fight or sneak your way through hordes of monsters in an attempt to hunt down the dark wizard Zogorath in this turn-based roguelike. Use magic scrolls, potions and skills to outwit your enemies, but be careful; skills cost stamina and some items are more useful in certain situations than others…


  • use your sword, bow or shield tactically to take out enemies 
  • use stealth to sneak past or ambush enemies by hiding or staying out of their sight 
  • customize your character by selecting from a wide variety of skills when levelling up, expanding your tactical and strategic possibilities 
  • randomization of the level layout and the enemies you encounter keeps the challenge fresh 
  • fully animated pixel-art 
  • retro style chip-tune music

Game Modes:

  • Story. Hunt the evil Zogorath trough the lands.
  • Endless. Wave after wave of enemies trying to end your life.
  • Daily challenge. Try to complete 4 levels with the skills of the day. The level layout, loot drops, skill and enemies are the same for all players.

Relevant links: 

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/infestedlands/

Sinister Siamese Studios: https://sinistersiamese.com/

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